RFL dipped canvas and cable cord are two primary production lines of San Wu. RFL dipped canvas is widely used as industrial conveyor belt fabric, for instance, impression conveyor belt, chevron conveyor belt, baler belt and corrugated side-wall belt, etc. The cable cord is utilized industrial power transmission belt such as light duty belts, classical belt, raw edge cogged belt, variable speed belt, bare back belt, hexagonal belt and patterned top belts, etc.

RFL Dipped Canvas: Utilized as an industrial conveyor belt fabric

Impression Conveyor Belt
Chevron Conveyor Belt
Baler Belts
Corrugated Side Wall Belts

Industrial Cable Cord: A part of an industrial power transmission belt

Light Duty Belts
Classical Belt
Wedge Belt
Raw Edge Cogged Belt
Raw Edge Laminated
Banded Belt
Variable Speed Belt
Ribbed Belt
Bare Back Belt
Hexagonal Belt
Patterned Top belts