Functional Products  

Far-Infrared Ray:

Far-Infrared Ray is a kind of electric magnetic wave. It’s wavelength is between 4~400 micron and process the properties of radiation permeation and resonance. Far-Infrared Ray is a physical light that is good for health and it’s warm light has important contribution to the great nature. So it is called grow up light. It is gradually applied to physical recovery treatment because of it’s promoting blood circulation.


Nano Silber:

Large part of metalic ion process oxidizing, antibacterial properties. It’s intensity is distributed as silver>mercury>copper>cadmium>nickel>lead>cobalt>znic>ferrous. Silver is seen as expensive metal by people and is used as restrain and antibacterial. It’s observed that positive silver ion process high reductive potential and last antibacterial ability. Nano silver has the same properties as other restraining and antibacterial products but other special germs. It has no anti medicine and it’s nontoxic is no harm for the human body. Our company cooperate with Long Qiang nano Technology Co.,Ltd. Polyester is mixed with nano silver and ceramic, meet it and then draw it into fiber. The fiber blend with viscose rayon fiber then spin into yarn. The final products process antibacterial perspiration absorption and release, far infrared functions. This products has multifunction and may be seen newest technology by this time.

Far-infrared Fiber

Far-infrared fiber is produced through incorporation of far-infrared radiating ceramic powder with melting polymer and traditional spinning process. Facilitate blood circulation and provide heat for health of human body. Functions: Improving blood circulation,Increase body’s oxygen, Improving metabolism, Balance body’s PH.

Multi-Functional Products
  • Features: Far-infrared Yarn + Nano silver + Quick dry.
  • Function: Anti-Bacterial, Odor Effect, Activating cells, Quick dry.