Knitting Yarn Manufacturer and Supplier  

San Wu Textile Co., Ltd has been endeavoring in knitting yarn industry for four decades as a professional yarn manufacturer and knitting yarn supplier in Taiwan. San Wu supplies all kinds of knitting yarn which include normal yarn such as polyester viscose yarn, rayon yarn, and functional yarns like flame retardant yarns, anti pilling yarns, chitosan antibacterial yarn, PET yarns for various industries.

Functional Yarn

San Wu has been operational for more than four decades, with experience in function yarns that include acrylic flame retardant, chitosan antibacterial yarn, low pilling yarn, PET recycled yarn, far infrared ray yarn, flame retardant yarn. In order to providing high quality function yarns to the world, San Wu enhances continuously productivity & quality, streamlining processes and product diversification to meet different markets' demands.

Slub Yarns, Polyester Slub Yarn, Rayon Slub Yarn

Slub yarn is made of 3 materials involve 100% polyester, polyester 65% / rayon 35% or 100% rayon. San Wu's slub yarn is available in multi-count, multi-twist and slubs in any kinds of specs and patterns if you are having any particular requirements. Polyester slub yarn and rayon slub yarn are widely applied in shirts, denim, leisurewear, curtains, furnishings.

Viscose Yarns, High Twist Yarn

San Wu's viscose yarns are produced with 65% polyester 35% viscose. The main products of normal yarn include polyester & viscose blended yarns, polyester yarns, rayon yarns for regular use and high twist yarn, low-pilling yarn and anti-bacterial yarn, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details for further requests.