About Us  

San Wu Textile Co., Ltd., established in February. 1969, has been through the highs and lows of Taiwan's fabric Textile company. San Wu has evolved as textile producer, being involved in followings:

1. Spinning yarns ( It's count is from Ne 20's to 40's).
2. Weaving clothe ( polyester filament/viscose staple yarns cross cross weaving check fabric).
3. Canvas: industrial using for transmission belt and RFL Dipped Canvas for conveyor belt and other industrial product.
4. Polyester cable cord & Kevlar for V-belt.
5. EP-RFL Dipped Canvas: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 RFL treatment.

To maintain competitiveness in fabric fields, we endeavor to improve techniques and developing products. Due to our achievements in R&D and humanizing management, we have earned a solid reputation and recognition from our customers worldwide.

Fabric Textile Companies

San Wu has been operational for more than four decades, with experience in the following areas
1. Continuous R&D to meet markets needs
2. Enhancing productivity & quality, streamlining processes and
updating machinery periodically to automatize manufacturing procedures
3. Cooperation with consultants to improve our quality-oriented management
4. Computerizing manufacturing procedures and operations
5. Product diversification


Enterprising Culture
Operational Concept: Through sincerity, responsibility and innovation we strive to pursue company profits, sustainable development and perpetual operation. Managing Principle: Quality-orientation; Employee training; Potential development; Job accomplishment; Financial stability & balance; Mutual benefit & trust with our customers Yearly Income: about NT$ 700,000,000 ($US 22 Million)


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